Volcano Spa Bath

The Volcano Spa Bath and Water Park in Celldömölk was built in a picturesque environment at the foot of the Ság hill. In its planning and design it was an important goal that it should be attractive and available for all generations, and the hours or days spent here should offer real relaxation both for the healthy ones as well as for those who seek healing. According to the modern requirements the whole area is obstacle free, and expert service is supplied for the visitors. The current eight pools cover 1,600 m2. There are a 25 metre, six lane swimming pool, a training pool, a sauna and an immersion pool in the covered area. In the fenced yard of the bath there are a spa bath, and a semi-covered thermal bath with spa water content. During the summer months besides the open-air 560 m2 adventure pool the children are welcome to use the slide pool as well as the paddling-pool. The huge water park pool makes the time unforgettable with its splash pads, whirlpools, hydro massage units, and fountains.

The spring named „Cell-4”, or as it is called the 49 grade volcano spa water of Cell spouts from a depth of 1,250 metres. It supplies with the bases of the ailment financed also by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary. Due to the high sodium – hydrogen – carbonate content of the water it is the best for the cure of the illnesses of the limbic system.

In the hospital part several treatments can be ordered, such as the bath in the spa water in the pool or in a bath-tub, underwater hydro massage, weight bath and effervescent bath, underwater exercises, mud therapy or medical massage. The warm water has blood vessel widening, connective tissue and muscle relaxing, cramp releasing and pain killing effects during the treatment. The Finnish sauna, the infra sauna, the different aromatic and light therapy cabins, the salt bath and salt cabin as well as the different refreshing massages complete the fullness of the day, the health care and the treatment of the soul.

In the area of the resort there are possibilities for sports activities as well, such as for aerobics, fit-ball, water fitness exercises, and next to the open-air pools there are a sandy beach ball pitch and a handball court. The maintenance of the beauty (beauty specialists, solarium, pedicure, manicure, hair dresser’s), and the catering are also important areas of the services.

The Volcano Spa Bath and Water Park together with the hotel and the camping site nearby create a complex that can offer relaxation and active leisure time for even a longer period for those who decide to visit it. The forty rooms of the four-star hotel can offer accommodations for 148 guests; the camping site can host 85 tents, 74 caravans and a 50 person camp. The complex expects its guests with a play room, a play ground, sports courts, and restaurants. The resort is expecting significant developments, the outdoor area is going to be expanded, a huge sauna world is going to be created, an indoor tube and an outdoor wave-slide will be built, a water play-house for kids, new relaxing areas and sunbathing areas will all be serving the increased demands for quality services.


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