Touristic Destinations

Celldömölk is the centre of the third biggest micro-region of County Vas containing 28 settlements. The touristic features of the area are extraordinary. Building on them the eleven self-governments, two baths, thirteen enterprises and a highly public benefit organisation founded the Ság Hill Area Touristic Association in September 2012. As a public benefit organisation its main goal is to develop tourism, that is why a touristic information office has been opened, and a website is maintained, where the visitor can et up-to-date information about the current programmes, all the touristic values and sights of the area. Besides the preparation of leaflets and brochures they organise events. As a result of their activities based on mutual interest, more and more visitors arrive at or return to the area. It is understandable, since the beauty of Kemenesalja, the volcanic monadocks, the hiking destinations, the old castles and mansions, as well as the rich historic and literature heritage of the area offer endless opportunities to visit and relax.
Ostffyasszonyfa is worth to visit not only because of the Pannonia Ring inaugurated in 1997. The sixteen year old Sándor Petőfi spent a whole summer here; his memory is kept in the village. In the Cemetery of the prisoners of war visitors can commemorate the more than ten thousand soldiers who died in the First World War.
The birth house of Berzsenyi Dániel, the famous poet of Kemenesalja in Egyházashetye is the oldest and the most well-known literary memorial and museum in County Vas.
In Csönge there is an elegant permanent exhibition in the renovated birth house of Sándor Weöres. The high quality museum awaits the visitors with the furniture, books, manuscripts and relics from the heritage of the poet.
The vine culture and the fine wines have significant role in the life of the village of Kemeneskápolna situated in the southern side of Ság hill.
However, vineyards are also important in the life of Mesteri, since 1968 it has been known of its thermal bath, which has been nicely renewed.
József Vidos, Militia Colonel, Government Commissioner was buried in the crypt of Mersevát in 1852.
The Botanical Garden in Szeleste offers a pleasant walk for the tourists. The garden was founded by Count Andor Festetich in 1873. It has been open to the public since its inauguration in the 19th century.

Founding members of the Ság Hill Territorial Touristic Association:
Celldömölk, Mesteri, Ostffyasszonyfa, Csönge, Vönöck, Egyházashetye, Bögöte, Szeleste, Mersevát, Municipality of Kemeneskápolna and Nemeskocs, JUFA Ungarn Ltd., Volcano Spa and Thermal Bath Ltd.., Mesteri Thermal Ltd., Cell-Bahnbau Ltd. (Vasvirág Hotel), CELL COOP Ltd., Premier Paper- Present, Termotel v., Friss Food Ltd., Kráter Meat, Sághegy Ltd., Budai Bernadett enterpreneur, Pannon Pipics Ltd., Buti Károly enterpreneur, Public Benefit Association for the Prisoners and Dead of War at Ostffyasszonyfa, Holsten Pizzeria-Beerhouse DEJA VU Motel, Patyi Restaurant and Hotel

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