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Questions & Answers concerning SEO

Although my website is nice and full of content, I have little or no visitor base, what do I do?

You need to use web marketing service in this case, which helps you to develop the appropriate strategy, either in case of search engine marketing or performing advertising campaigns. Please contact our colleagues for conciliation a consultation appointment.
I would like to start a campaign, but I do not know how to begin.
Before starting a campaign for advertising, it is practical to plan the methods of reaching the target group in details, ensure the campaign’s quality, because without these our promotion cannot be successful. The procurement of the next campaign’s knowledge is always inhered in the present campaign, because we have been collected a lot of experience, furthermore this process assures the disappearance of the less effective advertising features and preparing the winner strategy, which has to be tested from time to time.


How, by what method can I measure the number of visitors?

There are numerous means of statistics, only a few of them could earn the term “official”. The more high-standard statistics service the more expensive to maintain. Google Analytics means a compromise, which is provided for the registrants free of charge (at the moment) by the great search engine company. It is worth to create an officially measured, namely audited website if we presume and calculate on 20- 30.000 single visitors per day; below that number it is not worth to order an auditor, because it is hard to imagine a respectable profit with the above number of visitors if we take the expenses, apart from the auditor’s cost, into account.


Single visitor or page downloads?

Single visitor is a well-determined person, who visits the website; while the page download means the pages the visitor downloads. These terms come up if those who advertise want to place an active commercial onto the website and it is important which term to use. Usually the number of single visitors is the measure of value in a page, because even one visitor can increase the page download, while this is not as simple in case of visitor number enlargement – however, the audited content is just destined for measuring and impeding this.


Who may I send newsletters to? What is ranked among unsolicited messages (SPAM)?

We warn everybody interested in this field to be careful; before starting an intense campaign, we suggest reading about the terms in the following links, or do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


Is it worth to buy a mailing list?

As a matter of course, e-mail addresses, where we can send messages to, are necessary for newsletters and the most addresses we have the most visitors can be made interested, this is a fact. Since our launch can cause the opposite as intended, we could find ourselves very easy in the court after having purchased a mailing list that had been collected incorrectly. In such a case the sender (that is we) have to certify in case of each and every address that we possess them with the mailbox owner’s permission. In case of a purchased mailing list this is an almost impossible mission, and moreover, it will not absolve the sender of the unsolicited message if the contract was made incorrectly at the time of purchase. It is worth inquire about these things in the following websites, or request information in writing from the staff of NHH, or ask for our colleagues’ help before sending messages.


How can I build up an own list of addresses?

To build up an own mailing list is a long-term process, but it is worth while, because the required information about the single addresses (from where and how we get them) will stay in our possession very likely, and these addresses represent a high value. Addresses can be collected from public websites, by registration for example for a game, market research or active partner connections. Besides construction of the mailing list, the maintenance work has to be done carefully, too, because we have to provide the facilities for getting out of, or in case of new addresses, getting in the mailing list (unsubscribe, modification).


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