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Statistic analysis

It is connected to the previous points, because we have already mentioned three important sections of statistic: the visitors, the search engines, and the third one is the campaign analysis, which will be detailed hereinafter. We can resort to new tactics for roaming in the website’s content on the evidence of the statistic analysis, by examinations of starting and exit points. Any information, which helps the better cognition of the browsing customs, will carry us closer and closer to the success.


A concrete sampling period is necessary for analysing the statistics, whereby increasing can be prognosticated even in the long term, set out from the currently introduced tools, partner sites and content broaden. In case of installing statistic, we suggest the server-level, external, and in extreme case the audited statistic system (if we have already achieved the sufficient number of visitors; in our calculation it is unprofitable below the number of 30.000 individual users).


Our company will make the analysis of the statistics, we will make a presentation after the evaluation, and after the handover and commenting upon this presentation we will draft recommendations on the basis of the incoming data in the field of strategy refinement and modification.


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