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Frequently asked questions about designing a webinterface

What is required for an operable website?

A registered domain name and a web server (virtual, namely there is no need for different server computers for every single domain names) are required, as well as the appropriate content (text, image, animation, sound file and the more and more popular video file). Certainly, we have to focus on the visitors’ and browsers’ requirements at the same time when developing the optimal content, therefore the experience of a professional expert can help in this process. Before creating a website, the most practical way is to collect the contents belonging, so the graphical performance will be optimal, too.


How long does it take to create a website?

In an optimal case it takes 2 – 3 weeks to create a website that contains 5 – 10 menu points and available in more languages. In the ideal case, the file transfer (content to be uploaded) can be developed up to the time the domain name comes to the end of the waiting list (if applicable - domain registration policies may vary depending of your country). However, this question could be answered after having developed the particular content and exact functional structure.


I have already got a website, but I would like to revise it, how do I get doing it?

We suggest making a saving and preparing an exact description about the transformation, and it is also well advised to organize a conception framing consultation, where the requirements can be estimated. We suggest you to contact our colleagues.


What are the one-time and/or regular fees at website construction I have to be getting ready for?

The single fee of a website can be for such elements as the graphical appearance (web design), content management, web programming, web services – custom designed development, and file transfer. The regular (monthly, quarter, half-year, annual) fees are maintenance costs first of all, or the fees of task of content updating, if these are performed by our staff and not by the customer (the dynamic websites give assistance just for this). These fees are different in case of static or dynamic website, you can find further information under “website creating” menu point.


I have heard about static and dynamic websites, what are the differences?

It is not easy to determine about a website for the first sight which abovementioned group it belongs to; the technological background of the site and the measure of its dynamic has to be analysed. The result of such analysis shows whether the site contains a content management system (CMS), which ensures the professional and graphical insertion of the content within the website; and if it has such a system, the analysis shows how it makes the file transfer easier.


Which content management system should I use?

Certainly, like any other CMS owner company, we offer our own product for you. The ITWORX CMS is a simple and easy-to-use but at the same time quite efficient content management system. Our references and own projects certify you of the functioning of your website, portal, web shop. Please read our detailed review and our colleagues are willing to help you in the decision making.


What is the point from where a website is rated to be a portal? (The difference between a portal and website)

It is hard to determine the line between them, because a serious website can be easily classified into portals and it is true vice versa, namely some portals could not label themselves to be a portal. Portals are information “meeting-points”; they consist of larger content units – as their name shows, too, they often come into existence from the co-efficiency and synergy of several information fields. The big content elements (files) are often refreshed, updated and modulated. The structure of a portal is almost dynamic, without exception, and it consists of a mixture of single and standard portal services, while websites have relatively few but more detailed topics. You can find more information at our services. Portals – websites – web shops


Microweb, miniweb – what are these, which cases do they applied in, what are their efficiency?

These terms are used for Internet / web surfaces smaller than a website. In these surfaces small content units come into existence, but the spectacular and creative appearance, due to animation or image solutions, provides permanent experiences for the visitors. One of its advantages is the cost-efficient establishment; we offer them for those having just a little content. The abovementioned advantages can be seen in the following pages for example: www.domino-vadaszbolt.hu www.opta-keramia.hu. We describe the above mentioned fields more detailed in our “Services” menu point. microweb


I would like to have a Web shop; do I have to have a website?

It is not required but recommended, because one or more companies and/or products have to be/can be introduced behind the web shop, because the customers’ confidence has to be gained; and moreover, it is contrary to the regulations performing a business activity without a company or enterprise. Furthermore, the website’s mechanism of activity and the information transmission in connection with the products are also tasks to be solved. We suggest you to take the opportunity of our free of charge consultation before developing a web shop and preliminary purchase of the products.


I need a website translation, who do I apply to?

The website translation is a complex task, because several web service connected expressions and topics can appear besides the conventional text translation. We suggest you to request for a professional’s opinion, on your demand our colleagues are ready to provide the optimal solution for you, and they can delegate specialists, too, in accordance with the language in question.


My website appears inadequately in some of the browsers, what could be the reason?

It is a common problem, caused by the browsers’ different development and if the work performance of the website providers is not careful enough. Browser-independence, as a task, is a basic requirement in the web editing, because it is impossible to focus on just one or other user group’s demand, efforts have to be made for serve the entire browser market - however, this is not always an easy task. Since there are different internet code parts and non-standard browsers, we suggest following the “golden mean principle” namely to adjust to the most general browsers. If you send your website to us, we will discover the level of its browser-independence free of charge, and then we provide you with a special offer about the possible modifications or corrections.


I need a website, quickly, but I am at a loss in marketable content performance, what is the solution?

The problem is clear, because not everybody can have enough experience for editing the suitable and due content, and people do not have someone made websites every day. We also suggest in this case involving a professional expert, who has proper knowledge about the present-day internet customs and able to create the final content with full knowledge of the content of competent messages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


My website downloads in a very slow way, is there anything for help?

Certainly, the size of the website has to be optimized in the interest of quick download; please contact our colleagues if you have this problem, they will provide you advices on this question. We suggest our consultation that preserves you from inconvenience.


Movies or animations can be used in websites, what do we have to take into consideration in this case?

Here we also suggest following the “golden mean principle”, we have to be very attentive and careful when making the unity of appearance and content. We mustn’t sacrifice the fast and informative content, and make the site to be rather beautiful. The graphical performance has to be planned carefully before creating the website; the informative and clear websites are in fashion (or with a popular term: trend-followers) in the present times both in our country and abroad.


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