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For over ten years, our graphic artists and designers have been creating websites that are user friendly and engaging.


Analysis: Site analysis is the key to success in designing a website that reflects professional branding and creates the best user experience. The process applies client & audience preferences, competitive analysis, marketing & branding concepts, and necessary business rules.


Prototype & Demo: Site analysis reflects greatly on the design and layout of a site. In this stage we apply all site analysis information and create a layout to be approved by our client. Once the client approves the layout, we move to the design phase and furnish the actual design of the site.


Design: In the design stage we furnish all graphical and creative elements of the site. All branding and marketing themes are applied. Additionally any comments, suggestions, or minor changes from the client review are taken into consideration and the necessary steps are made to address those issues.


Implementation: In this stage the graphical layout is optimized to be integrating with HTML. All programming and development tools are used to make the graphics and navigational structure functional.

One of the critical factors of implementation is maintaining cross-platform & cross-browser compatibility. Image optimization is also vital in reducing the amount of time it takes for a visitor to load and view the page (download time).


Testing: In general, testing is done in all stages of the project. Pre and post launch test are both critical in maintaining a good web site. The means of testing involves the use of specialized browser testing software, calculation of download speed, automatic & manual check for broken links and a final check on any programming errors.


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