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Questions & Answers about hosting

What is hosting? Which hosting package do I choose for my webpage?

Hosting is the continuous service connected to the domain name, providing different technological circumstances in connection with storing sections, e-mail addresses or websites. It is to say providing the technological background connected to the internet domain.


How many e-mail addresses can be assigned to a domain name?

Almost limitless, but each e-mail account has a different storing section, where the incoming messages arrive to and incoming and outgoing messages are stored. Therefore the server’s storing capacity can be determined as a limit, but certainly it can be made larger at choice on demand.


Do more e-mail addresses belong to the same mailbox?

Yes, this request can be fulfilled. The mailbox, which was determined by the technological background provider hosting company, can have e-mail aliases. The method is exceedingly suitable for forwarding the messages of a stopped mailbox (redirect the leaver colleagues’ letters to other address, for example), or it is good for establish a “collector mailbox” e.g.: sales@webmark.hu. It is enough for the user to remember for the username and password of the physical mailbox at the settings, there are no innefendetn mailboxes belonging to the other e-mail addresses, the server just redirect them to the proper physical mailbox.


What is web mail, how does it differ from the e-mail client?

Web mail is an e-mail client with graphic surface wherewith you can directly access (from any internet connected computer) your letters, there is no need for a normal e-mail client, and you only have to know your username and password. It is an excellent solution for emptying a stuck mailbox (when one greater message or more cannot be downloaded just by the help of the e-mail client). Furthermore, it can help when staying abroad, or in case of the own computer’s breakdown. It complies with the tasks of downloading and sending messages from the user’s computer, by an e-mail client via pop3, imap, etc. protocols. We call your attention to that it is necessary to use an e-mail client besides the web mail, because – as the storing capacity of our mailbox is limited – the messages have to be downloaded from time to time to a computer.


I received a notification that my mailbox is full, what do I have to do?

We suggest you first to check the length of storing period in your e-mail client (the messages are on the server and in the e-mail client, as well, within that period). Should more than 5-10 days are settled, we request you to reduce it. We also suggest to store the messages on your own computer, and save backup files from time to time, because we store the messages on our server just up to the download, so the user have to take care of the messages if they cannot be found on our server any more.
I forget my username and password used at your web service (ftp, e-mail, cms, etc.)
Please report it to our Online Customer Care Center, our company will send the changed name and password to the address of that company, organization, or perhaps private person who provided your access.


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