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Premium email accounts

Premium E-mail Accounts benefits

  • Up to 99 - 99.% availablity
  • Browser based multi-lingual control panel, with helps and tutorials
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts and domains, with sub-domains
  • Three different webmail clients: Horde, Roundcube and Squirelmail
  • Pop3 and IMAP with Secure Server (SSL)
  • Vacation message support, e-mail aliases
  • One e-mail group with MailMan interface
  • Own STMP server
  • 4 individual SPAM servers and anti-virus scanner
  • Backup MX (backup e-mail) server


Pricing overview


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• For current conditions and pricing please
:: contact our customer service via email :: info at webmark-europe dot com
:: contact our sales manager via email :: attila dot joos at webmark-europe dot com
:: contact our development manager via email :: krisztian dot ohr at webmark-europe dot com
:: call this number for further information :: +31 (0) 61 652 6919


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