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Our own content management system, IT Worx CMS

ItWorx CMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. Administration is done through a cross browser-based interface. Currently supported browsers are: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.



The ItWorx CMS systems use a database to store content, metadata, or artifacts that might be needed by the system.
The system use it`s own caching method to serve the contents. The system runs on different web and database servers. Our servers are using from 2 op 4 GB fast memory caching for boosting performance, and they are equipped with fast 15k SAS or SCSI hard disks, with at least 4 Xeon processors and ECC RAMs.


Be Search Engine Optimized

The ItWorx CMS uses url-rewite technique to turn dynamic webpage url`s to static urls. The CMS allows you to rename your webpage url`s witch is an important fact of SEO.
You have total control over the browser title bar, the inlilne META tags, META keywords and description. And for your comfort there is a Google Analytics integration to each webpage, so you can access immediately the statistics for the currently edited page.
With our e-mail based newsletter system you can sen hundreds of rich text formatted HTML e-mails to your visitors or customers. You can track the efficiency of E-mail Campaigns in Google Analytics.


In a few words

  • Easy to use interface, with powerfull rich-text editor and AJAX/JQuery techniques
  • Complete user and group management
  • Picture gallery support
  • Document storage with user permissions
  • Blog editing functions: comments and ratings can be assumed for every page
  • Integrated webshop system
  • Newsletter system with different mailing lists and web based sign-up

Improving the range of above mentioned services are continuous, our partners can connect to the new ITWORX CMS platforms after its introduction by monthly-fee packages.


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