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Our mission

Our mission is to improve the stability of our company by keeping the so far undiminished measure of development; and in addition, to attend our present, extant and new customers in a high professional level. The philosophy of our company is helping the propagation of informatics and internet approach and culture, which stand in serious need of support still at present time, (by supporting trainee system, information transmission of non-fiction, non-profit initiatives, and the PET - Privacy Enhancing Technologies); this work serves the interest of our wider environment, but in our opinion, it will react in large measure to the internet based world of the future.


We work efficiently for the sake of widening the scope of our colleagues in the particular field by experts having professional knowledge; who are able to take over those attitudes, which are favourable in consideration with the future of their company, and who set the course on the fields they represent.


The base of knowledge we has built up so far empowers us to offer and supply intelligent informatics solutions for any web-connected demand of any participants in the market. Our most important value gives this self-confident operation as well as the base of the strategic partnership developed with our partners. Leaning upon this stable base we provide our customers with real added value by our wide range of experiences, supported by our services. That is why all of our colleagues, partners and customers feel that they can take the lead with us...


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