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Introducing Webmark

Our company started its operation in spring of 1999, recognizing the possibilities within the spreading of the internet, in divisions of advertising – at that time still mainly ads (classified advertisements) – and web design. The company applied for the “Most successful young entrepreneur of the year” competition organized by the Career Foundation in 1999, where they were qualified for the regional and national finals, and they became a prize-winner. The foundation supported the company’s chance of starting in a big way both financially and professionally.


The Webmark`s portfolio was composed of internet surfaces (websites, portals, e-trade systems, webshops), and individual informatics solutions. The company’s walk of life led to the internet newspapers and online magazines, which already used the advertisements efficiently, where the qualitative content-maintenance would have been inconceivable without a content-managing system even in those days. This is how the company’s most serious, and at the same time the most efficient implement, namely the ITWORX CMS came into existence, which is a special content-managing frame system.


In 2007 WebMark Hungary Ltd. provided facilities for adopting and introducing new aspects and more effective informatics – internet – webmarketing services. We can state pridefully that we are in the first rank nationwide in the field of dynamic websites, video and portal systems, webshops supported by content-provided solutions (ITWORX CMS). The development of our product, namely the ITWORX content-managing frame system, has been speeded up recently, its usage became more adaptable and its introduction became more effective. We have confidence that our company will make significant successes and get notable results not only in Europe but over the world by the help of our workmates, staff and means.


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